TNT Roots - Mighty In Battle / Tears Of The Righteous

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Repress in black paper sleeve!

The mysterious underground soundsystem legend TNT Roots, momentarily lifting his royal dubplate cloak for his first ever vinyl release in curveball style and fashion, on none other than our bredrin Miles' Bokeh Versions label!

Oooph, it's an unexpected, but highly welcomed occasion from both sides here -
TNT will be known to all followers of soundsystem, for example due to some of Aba Shanti-I's most ferocious, closely guarded dubplates coming from TNT Roots, who has become a highly regarded name in the scene over the course of many years now.

Bokeh Versions did the thing, asked the cheeky question, and they were rewarded with utter gold.

Pure destruction on both sides, TNT roots delivers majestic UK steppers inna year 4000 style, shrouded with multi-coloured smoke that dances around the drum section and the midi-horns with a mysterious vigour, only adding to the final impact of the deadliness.

This is for the soundsystem freaks, for the UK dub purists, for those who know what it really is to lift your knee to your chest, hands up high, and jump up with each drum beat while the ground shakes around you.

A Side - 3 cuts of 'Mighty In Battle'
B Side - 2 cuts of 'Tears Of The Righteous'


Soundsystem Murderation.

Mighty In Battle 1

Mighty In Battle 3

Tears Of The Righteous

Tears Of The Righteous