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Tolga Baklacioglu & Darja Kazimira - Blood Breeds Blood


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Fresh off the outing on Ceramics, Tolga Baklacıoğlu drops 'Blood Breeds Blood' album number eight, featuring Latvian vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Darja Kazimira and served up in mad ltd cassette add-on edition >>

"Featuring Darja Kazimira, the Latvian vocalist, improviser, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Blood Breeds Blood is an immersive experience into the dark corners of introspection, an attempt to reconstruct the suppressed impulses and ramifications of painful emotions and traumatic events and provoke these links to a turbulent reservoir of destabilising anxiety. “Working with Darja relieves profoundly violent emotions as her ritualistic approach constructs a sacred and hierophonic space. This includes the pervasive tendency toward the denial of human identity by acceding to the expectations of a dehumanizing milieu, by accepting the animal-like or machine-like identity our fictional world would impose on us”, Tolga confides.

The outcome is a fierce, unhinged and highly dynamic album that moves between psychadelic folk body horror, rhythmic noise, industrial, electro & techno type scenarios - unnerving and full-on at whichever speed it chooses.

If you dig the sounds of Nocturnal Emissions, WIDT, Kinlaw, maybe some Rien Virgule in a mechanised, futuristic sounding, dark ambient world with hints of free party tekno energy... Then you'll certainly find comfort here.

Edition of 25 tapes only.
Pro-dubbed, C50.

1. Altar Of Sacrifice 05:17
2. Blood Breeds Blood 06:24
3. Artificial Emotions 06:44
4. Prayer Of Hatred 10:00
5. The Slayer's Hand 08:44
6. Behind The Unholy Grave 04:10
7. Covenant Of Death 06:42
8. Cursed And Exploited 02:14

Altar Of Sacrifice

The Slayer's Hand

Covenant Of Death

Cursed And Exploited