Tom Of England - Care To Destroy

Hinge Finger

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I wanna be ANARCHY!

After quality drops from Barnt, Joy O, Mix Mup and Peder Mannerfelt, Trilogy Tape’s sister label Hinge Finger fires out a zany curveball in a Disco’d-off version of Anarchy In The UK, sure to fire up and confound the crowd in equal measure!

On the flip you’ll find some skunky LDN-Trip-Hop in the form of “The Mammal Meets Crazy Girl” which is followed up by the jerky pub-backroom bump of “Sensitive Man”. A real treat.

Reassuringly expensive with a cracking sleeve from Mr Bankhead himself. This one’s been getting some heavy rotation at RwdFwd towers this week and we reckon you’ll dig it too.

Care To Destroy?

The Mammal Meets Crazy Girl

Sensitive Man