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Tommy McCook - Reggae In Jazz

Pressure Sounds

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Jazz: Jamaica style, Tommy McCook style -

Great selection of tracks from the greats, compiled via Buster Riley's 'Mummy' label and reissued here via Pressure Sounds, showcasing the strong influence that Jazz had on Jamaican music...

Produced by Buster and arranged by the master musician, and contributor to a heap of jamaican music from the early days, Tommy McCook, who was actually born in Havana, Cuba.
Busters brother 'Winston Riley' would've contributed with the odd rhythm too, but this is a showcase of Buster's alongside Tommy and a heap of top-class musicians such as Sly Dunbar, Santa Davis, George 'Fully' Fullwood, Aston 'Family Man' Barrett, Jackie Mittoo, Ansel Collins, Roland Alphonso, Bobby Ellis - you name them!

Serious all star music from jamaica... in jazz style and fashion.

A real feel good album, a joyful listen... music in it's full glory, this is a great LP to have in the collection.

Served in printed sleeve with comprehensive sleeve notes by Steve Barrow.
Sleeve design by Wayde.

Side One
Grass Root
Wild Bunch
Bam Bam
Black - Out

Side Two
Collin '1'
Collin '2'
Bad Man
Good Bye
Rock Away

Grass Root / Caution / Sin

Bam Bam / Black - Out / Wild Bunch

Collin '1' / Collin '2' / Bad Man

Good Bye / Rock Away / War