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Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards – Wreck His Days


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Dubbed-out cosmic pastorals and politically exasperated techno-exotica from Blackest Ever Black’s most secretive and shape-shifting project. Guest contributors include Conrad and Jonnine Standish of HTRK, Genevieve McGuckin (These Immortal Souls), and Lucas Santanna. The ghosts of Les Baxter, Rowland S. Howard and Nina Simone are also in attendance. But whoever is pulling the strings remains hidden…possibly in plain view. Structurally Wreck His Days recalls the grand collective statements of This Mortal Coil or Massive Attack, but musically its dreamlike overtures have more in common with Deux Filles, Global Communication, Arthur Russell, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Anthony Moore, even Robert Wyatt circa Old Rottenhat/Nothing Can Stop Us. It roams far and wide: from the lambent, near-Balearic piano loops of the title track, to the Audrey Horne-worthy death-jazz of ‘Ghost From The Coast’, and hulking, bass-heavy soundsystem weapon ‘Reverberasia’. Side Two opens with the swelling, uplifting astral psychedelia of ‘…And I Tried So Hard’, while ‘I Beat As I Sleep As I Dream’ reprises the bleak existential synth drift of T.T.W.F.U.’s extraordinary 2014 10”, How Great A Fame Has Departed?. A deep-seated socialist impulse drives the whole thing: with a dedication to women who have fought oppression throughout history, references to the Spanish Civil War and the UK Miners’ Strike, and an overarching belief in the international ideal (in fact the closing ‘Rosa / Kollontai’ explicitly invokes the Internationale). Written and recorded over the course of 2014-15, Wreck His Days is a plea, or perhaps a requiem, for a world that embraces difference and upholds equality. Its contemporary relevance hardly needs emphasising.

1 Wreck His Days
2 Ghost From The Coast
3 Reverberasia
4 And I Tried So Hard
5 I Beat As I Sleep As I Dream
6 Ay Carmela
7 Rosa / Kollantai

Wreck His Days

... And I Tried So Hard