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Traag - Upn50 (Gang Of Ducks - Vinyl)

Gang Of Ducks

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From Detroit to Milan, in underground style and fashion -

The latest output on the ever-intriguing D.I.Y. label from Italy, comes in the shape and form of the fantastically grubby disco / no wave / post punk jams from Detroit-based duo 'TRAAG'.

It's an impressive journey that Traag lay down. Rugged rhythms and raw hardware utilisation are thrown into the mix effortlessly here, but no matter how far the sonics are pushed, there's always a driving force beneath those slap-basslines and drum-hits, no matter how hard the claps are distorted, no matter how far the organ and vocal recordings are estranged from their source, there is always a stable and fluid amount of rhythm to be found during the course of this 8-track cassette, making it so god-damn enjoyable.

There's a healthy amount of energy and fun to be had with this one, all whilst remaining enough grit and edge to satisfy fans of noise experimentalism alike.
It's a great listen, from the screw-face moments to the irresistibly danceable basslines, there's always a great combination of dirt and party vibration in the mix.

Rough, rugged and wild!

Served in polythene sleeves, with D.I.Y. stamp on B-Side centre labels.
Each disc comes hand-labelled and numbered.
Edition of 250.

A1: Tropical Fruit
A2: Succesful Soldier
A3: Rubber Doll
A4: Win The Lotto
B1: Grey Cologne
B2: Wrench
B3: Mr. Alan
B4: Stray Dog

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