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Traversable Wormhole - Sublight Velocities


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Straight off the mean streets of NYC, Traversable Wormhole links with the almighty Hospital Productions for the first time.

Absolutely no nonsense, hard as you like techno smashers on both sides of this disk. Up top is the propulsive thump of Sublight Velocities, the slightly swung groove pinned in place by cast iron snares, offset by a cosmic arpeggio towards the end, it’s a captivating duel between light and dark that we can imagine will sound deadly in a club.

On the flip, ‘Semiclassical Gravity’ rolls out with a stepping kick pattern, ricocheting chord stabs off the dank walls of the mix and toying with the resonance to create a claustrophobic atmosphere that is deeply unsettling.

Immaculately produced, it at first seems an odd fit for Hospital productions, but the sheer brute force behind it cements this killer plate as one of our favourites to come from the label.

Sublight Velocities

Semiclassical Gravity