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Tribe Of Colin - Age Of Aquarius

Honest Jon's

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Big moves from Tribe Of Colin stepping up to Honest Jon's for this tip-top sounding (and looking) album - spread over 2 discs and housed in stunning packaging.

Hissing acid jams and smashed slo-motion funk is the order of the day here - utterly uncompromising, brutal yet laced with funk - absolute magic!

'Juddering bangers and hypnotic body-rockers, dazed spells and rootical wig-outs spun from early Detroit, West African field recordings, dub and beatbox hip hop; rough as fuck and clatteringly percussive, but shot through with a gritty numinousness. Soundboy techno; Stokey worries.

Gorgeously sleeved in midnight-black art-paper, intricately printed in silver with the visionary photography of Katrin Koenning, folded by hand and packed into Japanese cellophane envelopes.'

Full tracklist -

01. Creator God
02. Alan
03. Ogun Calling
04. Eye Of Ra
05. Woman Of Amazon
06. Self, Distance
07. Paradise Lost
08. Frequency Interference
09. Cradle To The Sunset


Eye Of Ra

Self Distance

Frequency Interference