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TRii Group – Interest In Music


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Max Stocklosa, aka the excellent TRii Group (which stems from TRjj, which stems from TRIIMusic) lands on the excellent Stroom label operating out of Belgium, and showcases 'Interest In Music' - very convincingly - across 14 sprawling, cozy fourth world mutations and lo-fi sound abstractions built out of stacks of old equipment, echo boxes and samplers, making up a truly absorbing sound that should please all dub-heads-in-search, concrete muzak lovers, lovers of valium-pop and weird lynchian modes... Basically, all people who have real Interest In Music.

Nah seriously, this one's a real keeper. It's on rewind already, and will be again - many times! This one'll wrap round your head like a towel. Fkn brilliant stuff.

Artwork By, Graphic Design – Max Stocklosa
Compiled By – Ziggy Devriendt
Graphic Design – Nana Esi
Mastered By – Mathieu Savenay
Written By, Music By – Trii Group

* G lok G lok produced by Hipólito

MPC 1000, Pearl SC-20, MFB 522, Fender Squier, Syncussion SY-1M, Irish Flute,
Yamaha DX 21, Yamaha TG-33, Tama Techstar TS 305, Clavia Nord Drum, Roland TR 505, Yomox T-Resonator, Boss PS-6

1. Friend 05:34
2. Propolis 02:02
3. BMQ Smoke 04:34
4. Certain Sands 03:06
5. Final Wood 05:21
6. (-) 02:19
7. Open Tent 01:27
8. G lok g lok 04:41
9. Documents Ball 04:21
10. 3rd Generation East German (Teen Rejection) 03:46
11. When Shipwreck 03:10
12. Borrowed Clock 02:21
13. Tripple Train 02:24
14. Dawning Window 03:16



BMQ Smoke

Certain Sands

Final Wood


Open Tent

G lok g lok

Documents Ball

3rd Generation East German (Teen Rejection)

When Shipwreck

Borrowed Clock

Tripple Train

Dawning Window