• Tripe - Blue WKD
  • Tripe - Blue WKD

Tripe - Blue WKD

Pyramid Scheme Tapes

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Tipped off by our mate & extended RWDFWD crew Adam Schwet, we got in touch with the Pyramid Scheme Tapes HQ up north west, and thankfully they sent down their last handful of these fully raw, fully uncut Tripe tapes, serving up scuzz galore in a homage to everyone's favourite alcoholic soft drink (pretty sure anyway)

- last chance to snag one of these gems, str8 from the underground uk cassette circuit, and sounding way, way, way better and way more real than your average over-polished over-hyped production bandwagon music industry input.

"Pyramid Scheme Tapes are proud to present this new release by Tripe 'Blue WKD'. Coming on an aqua blue tape with 42 minutes of swoll laden sounds containing hand witness accounts of 'Goose Pecking'; the bizarre blood letting practice made by the People of East Lancashire.

Relax, take your top off and let the geese bite you.

Run of 40 cassettes with double sided printed cover art hand-drawn by Dan Watson."

... You heard 'em! You snooze, you loose (and miss out on the bite).


1.4ev@ Pecking
2.Biscuit Consciousness
3.James Bond Seagull 
4.Toilet of solitude 
5.Gong bath at the con club
6.Ice cream man man
7.Haunted by flies
8.So jumpy these days
9.All year snake goose
10.Meak existence on crisps
11.I'm not tired I'm miserable
12.Pie distillery
13.Twirls with the lord


4ev@ Pecking

Toilet of solitude

Haunted by flies

Ice cream man man