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'Turbo Island 2' Print


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Local goodness from the island down the road -

We couldn't resist picking a handful of these prints up from the Turbo Island studio, just around the corner from us, here in Bristol.
Fellow Bristolians will know all about Turbo Island, geographically and now hopefully also as a wonderful brand of Clothing and Print designs.

For those that don't have a clue, here's a write-up from a good friend of ours, sure to keep you just as clueless:

"As the famous Chinese proverb goes: “Beauty is in the eye of the tee-holder”. And never before has such a wise adage rang more true than with Turbo Island Tees, perhaps the most beautiful of all tee shirt companies ever to have entered into anyone’s eye.

The primitive utopianism of life on Turbo Island is far removed from the Western experience, its inhabitants perpetually suckling on the fertile teat of creativity offered up by their homeland. The Turbo Islanders whittle their time away producing fanciful tees in orgies of creative excess, thronging the land all day long with song and thrusting sopping gobs of indifference at the outside world.

The just-don’t-give-a-jot attitude of the Turbo Islanders is reflected in their music tastes, which they regularly decorate their wares with. Harking back to a time when music was better, they smatter the topography in a who's-who of musical tee shirt heroes: Kraftwerk, Billy Onyeabor, Philip Glass, Can, Manuel Göttsching, Ron Hardy, Arthur Russell and many more. Who knows how these artists ever came to be known in such a remote land? Perhaps Turbo Island was once a desert island disc destination for the world’s most happening deejays.

So, Turbo Island tees make a great choice of clothing for Westerners looking to capture the utopianism and cultures of those exotic climes. For example, vintage fashionistas can mash them up with accessories and tattoos hijacked from bygone eras to emulate the spirit of lost and more exciting times.

Never forget what a wise old saying “Beauty is in the eye of the tee-holder” is. If you’re a music fan wanting both beauty in your eye and to be a tee holder, there’s worse things you could do than take a trip to Turbo Island. Tees for sale in the souvenir shop, in between the bookmarks and the clotted cream fudge."

-Esteban Peabody
(Chief facilitator, department of enablement of public sales allurement)

Limited Edition of 50
(Signed & Editioned)

4 Colour Riso Print
Munken Lynx 170gsm paper
297mm x 420mm