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Twelon - KATANA

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Fresh in the post via the Hand Drawn Hand label, we have a few copies of this small run DIY cassette edition containing a 60minute trip through the sound-worlds of Twelon -

Fused out of recordings from the past five years, Twelon invites us into dense layers of field recordings, synth-modulations and tweaked melodics, for a woozy, introspective trip through morphing soundscapes and subdued rhythms.

Katana's first side seems to conduct itself in a way that feels, at times, like an eternal pace, near standstill. From the first moments on, right through to the next it drifts ominously through spheres like a landslide - the way the recordings morph from one scene into the next, slowing, but never stopping, really adds a great momentum to the listening experience, a journey you can find yourself really getting lost in.

On side two, the mood shifts into darker territories, but retains its brooding nature, with sphere's of light in leading the way through the fog.
Full immersion throughout -
Great stuff, if you're into the skewed ambience of The Caretaker, or the patient restraint and melodic focus of Vlad Dobrovolski, or the channels of Astral Industries output, then you'll find comfort in here for sure.

Limited edition of 50 + DL code.
Hand numbered, DIY art edition.
Every copy includes a unique, hand made collage and a relief Manicule print.

Side A clip

Side B clip