• Never-get-Burn

Twinkle Brothers - Never Get Burn

Twinkle Records

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Classic Twinkle Brothers.

Absolute killer vibes from the Twinkle Brothers, rough, tough and dangerous roots & culture music.

(slightly different centre label art to the one pictured. Same label, same sounds though!)

Topside, the searing vocal cut - the vocal to 'Never Get Burn' is the voice of sufferah's music from the heart.

Below, we have the dub version... and what a dub??! Kicking off with the drum roll and it's overdriven tape echo loop right into the vocal - some junglists will recognise that part, bit of a sample treasure there - before we stride through the bass section and then plunge into the dubwise, no vocals just mystic bongo, sharp snare delays and the odd voice, tom drum and melody chop gushing out from the echo chamber.

This one is 100% crucial.

Never Get Burn