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Twinkle Brothers - The Almighty Power / Babylon Is Falling Down

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Great vibration from the one-and-only Twinkle Brothers.

Confident, uplifting steppers on the A Side, with a tough drum beat kicking through a low-slung bassline and warm & easy horns, guiding the way for that determined, pitch-perfect, and perfectly simple Twinkle lyric... 'Tougher than the toughest... Heavier than the heaviest'... 'The Almighty Power'.
Vocal comes followed by two further cuts, diving deeper into the dubwise arena with each turn of the records groove.

Flipside, we find equally strong vibes with 'Babylon Is Falling'.
Earnest in it's delivery and rootical to the very core.

Certified JA/UK deep roots at it's finest.

The Almighty Power


Babylon Is Falling Down