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Twinkle3 - Minor Planets


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A warped, fourth world amalgamation of three virtuoso improvisators that have forged their own language of sound over more than a decade now, mostly in live settings - this is their newest record '6 years in the making'.

Strange & beautiful synthesis by Richard Scott modulates in a complex, but organic tangle with the David Ross's Cosmic Bow and the 'Drosscilator'. Japanese Shakuhachi instrument, the Khene (A Lao mouth organ) and the Pi Saw (a type of Flute from Thailand) is played in virtuoso style by Clive Bell. 

Trust us that this one is a beauty, and believe us when we say that we couldn't have said more, and couldn't have said it in a better way than this text below, so please read on to hear the full scoop on this special record:

"After fifteen years and two astounding releases, Twinkle³, the trio comprised of Richard Scott, David Ross, and Clive Bell complete their cosmos themed electroacoustic trilogy with the ‘Minor Planets’ LP. Their firstling ‘Let’s Make a Solar System’ (ini itu, 2009) introduced a collage method working with individually generated and recorded sounds. In contrast, their second album ‘Debris in Lower Earth Orbit’ (Cusp Editions, 2015), was recorded in a single session and gravitates more towards the spontaneity of their experimental improvisations. This third album is all about the unique synergies the group discovered in combining improvisations with studio and Musique concrète techniques.

Their shared love towards music from Lee Perry to Noh Theatre via Karlheinz Stockhausen and King Sunny Ade lead them into a singular musical universe where all their various influences can coexist and interact. Aleatoric analogue sequencing, fluttering melodies and dub treatments condense into a distinct and emotive narrative that takes us on an exhilarating hyperspace cruise to the outer reaches.

Clive Bell is a virtuoso of the Shakuhachi. His aesthetic takes us on a timbral journey between noise and pitch, expressed and phrased rhythmically by the contour of human breath. Richard Scott and David Ross share a background in free improvisation and have pioneered new approaches to rhythm using self designed synthesizer systems. Together they move seamlessly between rhythm, noise, dissonance and melody in a spirit of wonder and optimism to produce original music that is both life affirming and uplifting.

The album artwork captures the feeling of peering through the vacuum of space and catching a rare glimpse of the mysterious alien biomes, fossils, and silhouettes cast by dwarf planets, asteroids, Kuiper belt, and other trans-Neptunian objects."

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Richard Scott : Analogue Synthesisers
David Ross : Tremoloa, Cosmic Bow, Drosscillator
Clive Bell : Shakuhachi, Pi Saw, Khene
Mastered and Cut by Noel Summerville
Artwork by Benjamin Kilchhofer

01. Opik 2099
02. Soma 2815
03. Ryugu 162173
04. Hertzsprung 1693
05. Abnoba 456
06. Bodea 998
07. Kalliope 22
08. Ziziyu 26946
09. Aurelia 419

Soma 2815

Ryugu 162173

Bodea 998

Kalliope 22