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Twwth - Dislocation

Signal Life Finland

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Man from Finland Twwth returns from Hiatus for 3 monolithic pieces of futuristic Grime for the Signal Life Finland imprint.

At 10:33, Gang Drone occupies the entirety of the A side - toying with traditional tropes of Southern Rap and Grime, Twwth creates a symphonic ode to a variety of influences, protracting and reframing them through a completely unique lens - the pacing is genius, the melody addictive and the vocal editing virtuosic - that 10 minutes is totally justified.

Animal (A), Forcible, Corporeal, Object opens the B side, and wouldn't sound out of place on an Ilian Tape record in its first half - the top cut here, for sure. The versatility for DJs, ranging from the Burial-esque atmospherics, the haunting melodics and the tuff bass all makes for captivating listening (and raving)

Last tune Where U Are is the most traditional of the 3 tracks, but this is not to say it's ideas have any less impact - an insistent r&b vocal sample and ticking hats keep it all straight but the execution is done with such panache you can't help but listen until the last second.

Gang Drone

Animal (A), Forcible, Corporeal, Object

Where You Are