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Tzusing - In A Moment A Thousand hits

Bedouin Records

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Tzusing will have popped up on the radar for most people for his affinity with US-based L.I.E.S and his absolutely brilliant debut album from last year.

Now he makes one of his rare appearances outside of L.I.E.S with a 5-track EP for Bedouin Records. Like with his debut LP, In A Moment A Thousand Hits appropriates the sonic signatures of contemporary Industrial dance music into completely unique beast - here resulting in a booming series of peak-time dance floor tracks that retain the rhythmic suppleness of house and techno while pushing into fresh, uncharted territory. Lead track Flow State, is a prime example of this, incorporating perhaps the only good use of throat singing I've heard in a dance track. Like his earlier L.I.E.S material, a steely 4/4 chug is augmented with booming toms and skipping hi-hats to great effect.

The rest of the EP follows in a similar vein, always touching up the underlying monochrome of Industrial with subtle neon hues. Shame, for example, channels grime signifiers into a half-step, undeniably Tzusing rhythmic construction. Wailing, female vocal loops and an unexpected choral harmony provide those much-needed moments of colour, de-stabilising and re-contextualising those booming drums into something more fluid and, frankly, listenable than yet another relentless distortion work-out.

Worth it for these two tracks alone, the rest of the EP variously touches on an almost Laksa-esque beat (Track 5) and mutant hip-hop somewhere between Muslimgauze and Acid Arab (Track 4) that makes this an absolutely essential purchase in our opinion.

Flow State


Track 4

Track 5