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U-Roy - Wake The Nation

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Big, big deejay styles from the originator: U Roy!

Many of you will already know and understand that U Roy is what they call a 'foundation artist' - someone who originated, and set the scene for music to come.
People such as Kool Herc, who himself is credited for originating Hip Hop music and the style of rapping - cites U Roy as the influence. And we all know how many things Hip Hop went on to influence in later years too. There you go, so many things we do & love & listen to now, started in Jamaica, and U Roy is the father.

Anyway, now that we got that brief bit of history out of the way - listen to 1970 hit tune 'Wake The Nation' and hear this mighty cool deejay style from U Roy over a Bunny Lee & Aggrovators roots cut, served with a dub version on the flip, titled 'Stop The Violence'.

Wake The Nation

Non Violence (Version)