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Ulrich TROYER - Deadlock Versions

4Bit Productions

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Four versions of "Deadlock" from the album "Songs For William" on Troyer's own 4Bit Productions.

The Vienna based artist comes correct with these four psychedelic versions featuring the amazing talents of the classic dub Trombone player Vin Gordon and the innovative drumming styles of Vienna's Didi Kern.

The variety of these versions exemplifies the taste and talent of Ulrich Troyer, who has confidently managed to create four tracks that could equally stand on their own.

The uptempo "Talkbox Version" leads off proceedings with it's metronome kick drum serving as  the backbone for all manner of other-worldy dub excursions, as the maxim "Little by little, step by step" is chanted like a Dub mantra by a pair of robots! 

Straight after this the "Vin Gordon" version chugs and plods in a fashion reminiscent of Basic Channel, taking its time and making adroit use of the space provided by the half-time clomp of the Kick.

The "Kassian Troyer Remix" is the most introspective and personal cut on the record, as the melodic  Dub blip motif is used to stunning effect, with the only constant being a muted kick and steadfast high hat providing support to the vicissitudes of the melody.

Finally things get even freakier and hallucinatory on the "Melodica Version" as the elements are stripped back as far as possible giving ample room for the swirling, distorted Tape-Delays and clattering of spring reverb.

A must for those who like their Dub in a more abstracted and unique form.

Deadlock (Talkbox version)

Deadlock (Vin Gordon version)

Deadlock (Kassian remix)

Deadlock (Melodica Cut)