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Ulrich Troyer - Songs For William Part 2


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Returning home, from Deep Medi -

Based in Vienna, Ulrich Troyer has been crafting his expertise in electronic music for over a decade now, with a single released on Austria's famed 'Mego' label at the beginning of the 00's, and of course part 1 of this 'Songs For William' series released on Mala's mighty 'Deep Medi' imprint.

Continuing the path that he embarked on with this project, Troyer utilizes his Analogue artillery to great effect, with each signal chain combining currents to form a unique blend of Afro-centric rhythms through to machine-driven patterns, all applied with a strong sense of dub physique... from the Tubby-esque delays, to the sunken bass-foundation and meditative vibration of Rhythm & Sounds finest, Throughout the two discs we are invited into the musical circuitry that melts it's information signals into a journey through the echo chamber and into the depths of dubwise electronica.

From the spring reverbs to the percussive sine-waves and melodica, Songs For William follows a strong aesthetic and forms a very rewarding listen, the attention to detail is fantastic - from the carefully curated hiss and fuzz through to the tentatively manipulated bass frequencies.

A great listening record, still, surely packed with enough bassline-bubble to make a subwoofer catch fire.

Packaged in an illustrated sleeve and containing a full-length comic book (created by the artist), this is a very-collectible and rewarding piece of music on wax, visually and sonically - just how we like it.

Served in a reversed board-colour sleeve w/ comic book inside.

Mastered by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

A1: Shake Your Knobs
A2: Stone Age Circuits
B1: Summer Reverb
B2: Cable Loss
C1: Deadlock
C2: Hardwired
D1: The Circuit Bender
D2: The Landscapes

Shake Your Knobs / Stone Age Circuits

Summer Reverb / Cable Loss

Deadlock / Hardwired

The Circuit Bender / The Landscapes