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Unearth Noise - Prayer And Resonance

Lullabies For Insomniacs

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Gatefolded aural pleasures on Amsterdam's Lullabies For Insomniacs -

Some of you may have tuned into their Red Light Radio show of same name, or picked up on their first vinyl issue, the excellent Sugai Ken 12"...and if you haven't... Well, you're here now, and you should definitely take a dive into their vast sound.

The latest comes from New Jersey's 'Unearth Noise' aka Roger Berkowitz. Having exercised many forms of sound & noise over the last few decades, taking trips and experiences from traditional music theory, Ravi Shankar (his influence resonates strongly in this one) as well as the unhinged side of punk and tape-loop experimentation.

Across two discs, finely presented in a suitably spun-out and ethereal way, Prayer And Resonance is a transcendental ascension through endless internal rhythm and endless drones, at times elevating and airy (like the excellent 'Redemption for example) then taking on shades of ominous darkness and confusion before we drop right back into something unsettling yet soothing.

This LP is brain exercise of the highest order, the kind of album that has therapeutic qualities... But don't you dare file it with some sort of throwaway meditation music, this record is much more provoking and intelligent both in it's musical tradition and in terms of it's off-kilter experimentation through unusual harmony and rhythm. The sheer depth and intensity is pretty incredible on this one.

The clips won't do this justice, it's best to let this one ride and let it fully consume you.

Highly recommended.

Pressed on heavyweight 12", double disc.
Gatefold sleeve, artwork by Mario Martinez aka MARS-1, designed by Steele Bonus.

Side A:
Soul Surgery
Divining Rod
Decoding The Past
The Place Where Prayers Are Heard

Side B:
Sacred Soul
The Sound Is God

Side C:
Memory Garden
The Mist

Side D:
Requiem For Lost Souls
I Surrender
Like Meeting God
Another Dimension

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Clip 3

Clip 4