• Unit Moebius - Untitled - 2023 Issue

Unit Moebius - Untitled - 2023 Issue

Sound Metaphors

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Ooof. Hypnotic, euphoric, and fully raw techno vibrations from Unit Moebius, reissued here again due to high demand, and served up on wax-only - All industrial heads, techno freaks and hungry soundsystem heads - make sure you load up on this belter of a disc before it's gone again.

"A generous collection of tracks, beautifully representative of the Spiral Tribe world.

Coming on strong with “Summertime” a brute force exercise in synthesized rhythm, moving on to trippy dubbed out nuances over medieval bass lines - highly suggestive of time travel. On the flip side things get put back in fast gear with heavy 4 on the floor action propelled by dubbed out hi-hat.

Ending with “CPU” which almost sounds like an attempt at shrinking the listener down to the size of an electron traveling inside the circuits of their samplers.

Pioneering the distorted dutch techno sounds from The Hague."

Yep, this slaps.