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Weevil Neighbourhood

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This week is a hectic one at RwdFwd - we are preparing for the independent label market in London this weekend... Bare with us for a unique review of this record... In the meantime, some adequate words from Resident Advisor:

"Adult is the final installment in the Weevil Series, a series of three anonymous 12-inches featuring industrial techno-inspired dubstep and drum & bass cuts. The limited edition hand-stamped vinyls give out little information, containing a weevil stamp but no track names, artist listings or other details. Adult is aptly titled, easily the most mature of the series and a fitting culmination. The aesthetics are the same as before, big soundscapes and a dark and brooding vibe that slowly builds a sense of mechanical funk. Adult is perhaps the installment least likely to shake up dance floors but makes for the most detailed and rewarding listening experience.

A1 is a minimalistic low key number, a slow pulsing beat slowly builds underneath an atmosphere of drone, crackle and hiss that ebbs and flows until segueing nicely into the next track. On A2 the vibes slowly changes: A tick-tock beat plays throughout the track, sounding like a robot call-to-arms upon which raspy ringing effects emerge with a looming metallic bassline bubbling underneath. The track has a tension that is never quite released. While it's a seemingly efficient DJ tool, it's also impressive in its own right.

Turning to the flip, B1 is a slow, brooding breaky affair. Dark, unintelligible vocals are set against brighter chords and what sounds like bird chirps, all sitting on top of a foundation of big bass. The track has the air of a saddened automaton's lament, waiting for the anticipated crescendo that never comes. In the end you realize that was the whole point" (Resident Advisor)

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