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Unknown Artist - Down With You


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Mysterious black label business from the Rarefied Crew, artist name unknown.

Rarefied serves up 2 alternate cuts of Breakbeat-driven screamer Down With You: one vocal, one dubbed out. While we love the vocal mix, this one is all about the Dub version for us, allowing the ridiculously tuff instrumental to take the stage fully.

Running it at 140bpm, Down With You occupies the same space as Special Request's darker material, finding inspiration from the early origins of the hardcore continuum and re-interpreting them for the dancefloors of 2017. A massive Reese Bass will always sit well with us, and the one on Down With You hits the spot better than most.

This is an extremely limited release so be quick!

Down With You (Dub Mix)

Down With You (Vocal Mix)