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Unknown Artist - Eazy Tek It Eazy / Word Sound And Power


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Ruffcut004! -

Fresh from the postman, we have this new bunch of white-label style cuts from the label pushing the dubwise O.G. dubstep sound.

These cuts are under the 'unknown artist' tag, 'Eazy Tek It Eazy' has that skattered dread-effect throughout, with hi-passed rides, off-kilter snares and jumpy kick drums skattering around elongated echo and reverbed fx, if we didn't know better we'd definitely say this is an old Mala cut from around the mid 00's....

'Word Sound And Power' has a similar aesthetic... Distant vocal, sonar blips and wheel-ups sway over a half-time steppers rhythm, perhaps a bit more junglist -not dissimilar to the 45seven output.

Look no further for some of that dubwise, heavyweight soundsystem flavour.

Stamped centre label, served in brown paper sleeve.

Eazy Tek It Eazy

Word And Sound Power