• Unknown Artist - Nuclear Winter / Heavy Rain

Unknown Artist - Nuclear Winter / Heavy Rain


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Ruff & tuff darkside grime / sublow styles from an undisclosed artist, served up on a good old 12", white label style, via the YOUTH label, out of Manchester.

Coming in like an ominous fog wrapped in more tripped out, dark ambient veneer, razor sharp drum shuffle and bass concoctions make up the bones and skeleton of these brukUKG creatures, making shapes of two rhythms, pressed up on one 12" plate.

Whilst coming with a more noirish cinema feel and introspective aspects, this one will ultimately itch a scratch for fans of early Vex'd, Slaughter Mob, Oris Jay, Search & Destroy, Toasty - that post-UKG, pre-dubstep kind of vibe basically.

And those that were still young kiddos (even younger than us) in the 00's, will find new found pleasure in this one no doubt - the good sh*t don't age.

Also... if you listened closely to our latest NoCorner tape on that megalithic grime tip... well, you mighhht just recognise something here, and join some dots...

Big 12". Turn it up.


Nuclear Winter

Heavy Rain