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Unknown Artist - Royal Rave / Rubadub Style


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Another piece of acid-tinged madness via the Red7 imprint -

Coming in for another right-hook following on from the previous 'I Lost My Shoes On Acid' 12", we present you another jab at the dancefloor, with the catalog number Red72, no artist name supplied, this record harks back at the days of warehouse raves,chopped and skewed drum breaks, frantic vocal stabs and general dancefloor debauchery.

Although these will certainly bang hard on the soundsystem and get the floor shaking up nice and proper, there's also a good element of fun in these...
Recognisable sample chops and face-melting fusion of genres make both tracks seriously danceable and should really make it into the bags of the more able and eclectic DJ's who aren't afraid to mix things up a bit.

Royal Rave

Rubadub Style