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Unknown - Attraction Dub / No Dread

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Much sought-after soundsystem burners via the Innamind crew...

Proper low-slung steppers right here, under 'Black label' guise (a bit of research will give you some answers)...

Not much needs to be said here... Attraction Dub reminds us a bit of Mala's Cays Cray's remix from back in the day, definitely sure to create a bit of a moment when played in the right circumstance.

Our favourite is the flipside however, 'No Dread' moves with pure sublow force, but there is a really nice tone and atmosphere to the whole thing, from the deep pads and lo fi mid bass, to the JA lyrical washes floating across it all.

Definitely a good 'un, and sure to go quick - so don't wait around if you feel this!

Edition of 600.

Attraction Dub

No Dread