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Unknown Entity - Feart/Peripheral Visions

Unknown Entity

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Straight from source in the depths of Glasgow via Royal Mail, the third installment from Unknown Entity on his/her/their eponymous label.

A proper bit of techno this is - not for those of a nervous disposition, it's tough as nails kick drums and howling synths on the opening 'Feart', an aesthetic that is further amplified on the A2 by Scalameriya's remix - taking the original from hard to double ard'.

Pon the flip is standout 'Peripheral Visions', a more fractured drum workout with swarming atmospherics and taught snares, descending like a plague of locusts. Lag ratchets the pace up with his remix to close the EP off.

Charted by the likes of Dario Zenker and Sunil Sharpe this is the kind of uncompromising klonk that Blawan et all are known for, if you dig that, you'll effing love this.

Served in a tidy looking sleeve and all.



Scalameriya remix

Peripheral Visions

Lag remix