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Untold & Duckett - Mother's Finest Tape 2

Mother's Finest

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After the split Hodge and Don't DJ tape from last year, Mother's Finest follow up with another brilliant pairing, this time from Hemlock head Untold and Freerotation affiliate and Wisdom Teeth signee Duckett.

Untold's side features a battlemix of 25 previously unreleased tracks that appear to span the last decade, flitting between the dizzying-post dubstep of the opening tracks to the absurdist takes on techno that occupy the middle half. While dancefloor focussed for sure, Untold's ability to turn dancefloor forms into riveting listening experiences is evident here, with a focus on convention-defying sound design and atmospheric fluidity - all of the great things about Untold's music are summarised perfectly in 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes or so of the mix throws his musical rubric into its starkest light yet, largely eschewing the dancefloor focus of the first section of the tape in favour of semi-ambient tracks that twist and writhe between organic and synthetic textures in quick succession, stirring up all sorts of musical imagery that seem to reference artists as broad and disparate as Burial and Daphne Oram.

On the flipside is Duckett's studio-recorded live PA mix, essentially a snapshot of one of his brilliant, ever-morphing live sets. The meat and potatoes is deft, nimble and light drum-programming which backdrops a series of gorgeous melodies - those that were fans of his Wisdom Teeth outing will find this an irresistible purchase. His sound signature is subtle and restrained, which allows room for the personality of his machinery to come through without ever being the focus.

Another essential, beautiful-looking tape from the Mother's Finest crew - this is an item to enjoy both inside and out of the walkman.

Untold (25 Previously Unreleased Tracks)

Duckett (Studio Recorded Live PA)