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Uon - Zlo

Motion Ward

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The mysterious behind the Caveman LSD and DJ Paradise aliases returns in yet another form, touching down on the Motion Ward label with Zlo, a four track LP full to the brim with warm personality.

The four parts are all shot through with a cold aesthetic that's then undermined with lush, harmonic pads that reach for a higher plane. The allusions to dub-techno are obvious, but it'd be easy to miss those references - they're more tangential than you'd expect, but achieve the same meditative qualities as the best examples of those genres primarily through the juxtaposition of static material to create an amorphous but constantly propulsive sense of movement.

The Lovecraftian references in the track titles (Kosm) spin these tracks in an air of mysticism, an evocation that's paid off musically on the B side with the aqeous SuB1 and gentle carress of Kissing. Both extend over 9 minutes, and in that extended time allows their internal musical structures to subsume the world around you. Music this restrained can bore some, but Zlo commands total attention across all 35 minutes.