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V/A - Always & Forever

Do You Have Peace?

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"‘Always + Forever’ is the first compilation to be released on Do You Have Peace?
Collecting thirteen unreleased tracks from artists both new and familiar to the label, Featuring Equiknoxx's Time Cow, HTRK's Jonnine, and Jabu's Guest (appearing both solo and in collaborative mode with Birthmark), there are solo outings from Tarquin Manek (aka Silzedrek / Static Cleaner Lost Reward) and sometime collaborator YL Hooi. Vessel contributes both solo and in tandem with Rakhi Singh (Manchester Collective), Zaumne appears with Hermeneia. Teresa Winter's 'Juniper' offers a sweet bridge to the tracks it's bookended by, and a counterpoint to the two consecutive offerings from the mysterious Laughter of Saints.

Originally conceived as a project to link together the dream-pop oriented leanings of a disparate group of artists, as the project grew it became more amorphous and developed its own narrative, held by a strange, half-awake quality throughout. The pop leanings are still there, although often buried under clouds of reverb, and they take their place among less heavy-lidded bedroom confessionals, DIY chamber pieces, and teary-eyed instrumental passages.

The majority of the vocal-led tracks occur on the first half of the album, leaving the second section to drift into more sedative, hypnagogic terrain. Where further voices do reappear, they feel more like half-remembered fragments of dream-speech. As the words eventually leave us completely, the album closes out through three chamber pieces, transposing classical instrumentation from the lofty heights of concert halls to more intimate and familiar settings: a box room in a flat, a bedroom, a memory of lying awake staring at the ceiling and trying to go to sleep again."




Includes digital download

Mastered by Benjamin Tregaskes, Amir Shoat
Artwork by Skkinz
housed in reverse board picture sleeve
Shrink wrapped w/ sticker on wrap


Time Cow - Hey There Fat Fingers

Guest - Heavy Knot

Jonnine - As You Sleep By My Feet

Static Cleaner Lost Reward - Sweet Paradise

Teresa Winter - Juniper

Hermeneia & Zaumne - In The Soil

Guest & Birthmark - Freeze In The Aisle

YL Hooi - Glitch Clarry Ditty

Silzedrek - Kristopher Kolumbo Inaction Ark

Laughter Of Saints - Shards

Laughter Of Saints - The Motif

Vessel - Sleepless

Vessel & Rakhi Singh - It Can't Be Helped (There Is Nothing In The Sky)