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V/A : Anthology of American Folk Music, Vol. 1: Ballads

Death Is Not The End

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Volume 1 in a series of American Folk reissues from Death Is Not The End -

A valuable re-issue of ‘The Anthology of American Folk Music’ which was originally released by Folkways Records in 1952. Specialising in Folk and World music, the label’s back catalogue was acquired by the Smithsonian Institute, assuring it’s preservation and historical importance as a document of American history.

The compilation itself was compiled by the experimental filmmaker Harry Smith from his own personal collection of 78s. Originally split into six parts, Death Is Not The End have resurrected three parts and issued them as cassettes - Volume 1. Ballads, Volume 2. Social Music and Volume 3. Songs.

If you’ve been following this label’s output you’ll love these.

"Henry Lee" — Dick Justice (1932)
"Fatal Flower Garden" — Nelstone's Hawaiians (1930)
"The House Carpenter" — Clarence Ashley (1930)
"Drunkard's Special" — Coley Jones (1929)
"Old Lady and the Devil" — Bill & Belle Reed (1928)
"The Butcher's Boy" — Buell Kazee (1928)
"The Waggoner's Lad" — Buell Kazee (1928)
"King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O" — Chubby Parker (1928)
"Old Shoes and Leggins" — Uncle Eck Dunford (1929)
"Willie Moore" — Dick Burnett and Leonard Rutherford (1927)
"A Lazy Farmer Boy" — Buster Carter and Preston Young (1930)
"Peg and Awl" — The Carolina Tar Heels (1929)
"Ommie Wise" — G. B. Grayson (1929)
"My Name Is John Johanna" — Kelly Harrell (1927)
"Bandit Cole Younger" — Edward L. Crain (1930)
"Charles Guiteau" — Kelly Harrell (1927)
"John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man" — The Carter Family (1930)
"Gonna Die with My Hammer in My Hand" — Wiliamson Brothers and Curry (1927)
"Stackalee" — Frank Hutchison (1927)
"White House Blues" — Charlie Poole w/ North Carolina Ramblers (1926)
"Frankie" — Mississippi John Hurt (1928)
"When That Great Ship Went Down" — William and Versey Smith (1927)
"Engine 143" — The Carter Family (1927)
"Kassie Jones" — Furry Lewis (1928)
"Down on Penny's Farm" — The Bently Boys (1929)
"Mississippi Boweavil Blues" — Charlie Patton (1929)
"Got the Farm Land Blues" — The Carolina Tar Heels (1932)

Henry Lee - Dick Justice


Ommie Wise - G B Grayson

Old Shoes and Leggings - Uncle Eck Dunford