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V/A : Anthology of American Folk Music, Vol. 3: Songs

Death Is Not The End

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Volume 3 in a series of crucial American Folk reissues via Death Is Not The End -

A valuable re-issue of ‘The Anthology of American Folk Music’ which was originally released by Folkways Records in 1952. Specialising in Folk and World music, the label’s back catalogue was acquired by the Smithsonian Institute, assuring it’s preservation and historical importance as a document of American history.

The compilation itself was compiled by the experimental filmmaker Harry Smith from his own personal collection of 78s. Originally split into six parts, Death Is Not The End have resurrected three parts and issued them as cassettes - Volume 1. Ballads, Volume 2. Social Music and Volume 3. Songs.

If you’ve been following this label’s output you’ll love these.

"The Coo Coo Bird — Clarence Ashley (1929)
"East Virginia" — Buell Kazee (1929)
"Minglewood Blues" — Cannon's Jug Stompers (1928)
"I Woke Up One Morning in May" — Didier Hebert (1929)
"James Alley Blues" — Richard "Rabbit" Brown (1927)
"Sugar Baby" — Dock Boggs (1928)
"I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground" — Bascom Lamar Lunsford (1928)
"Mountaineer's Courtship" — Ernest Stoneman and Hattie Stoneman (1926)
"The Spanish Merchant's Daughter" — The Stoneman Family (1930)
"Bob Lee Junior Blues" — The Memphis Jug Band (1927)
"Single Girl, Married Girl" — The Carter Family (1927)
"Le vieux soûlard et sa femme" — Cleoma Breaux and Joseph Falcon (1928)
"Rabbit Foot Blues" — Blind Lemon Jefferson (1927)
"Expressman Blues" — Sleepy John Estes and Yank Rachell (1930)
"Poor Boy Blues" — Ramblin' Thomas (1929)
"Feather Bed" — Cannon's Jug Stompers (1928)
"Country Blues" — Dock Boggs (1928)
"99 Year Blues" — Julius Daniels (1927)
"Prison Cell Blues" — Blind Lemon Jefferson (1928)
"See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" — Blind Lemon Jefferson (1928)
"C'est si triste sans lui" — Cleoma Breaux and Ophy Breaux w/ Joseph Falcon (1929)
"Way Down the Old Plank Road" — Uncle Dave Macon (1926)
"Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line" — Uncle Dave Macon (1930)
"Spike Driver Blues" — Mississippi John Hurt (1928)
"K.C. Moan" — The Memphis Jug Band (1929)
"Train on the Island" — J.P. Nestor (1927)
"The Lone Star Trail" — Ken Maynard (1930)
"Fishing Blues" — Henry Thomas (1928)

The Coo Coo Bird - Clarence Ashley

Rabbit Foot Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson

I Woke Up One Morning in May - Didier Herbet

Prison Cell Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson