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Fifth Interval gather together some of the most forward thinking minds in the dub techno sphere for this various artists EP. Those already acquainted with the label will be familiar with the likes of Federsen and Tomas Rubeck, who headed up the first and second releases respectively. They are joined by dub techno luminary Brendon Moller, aka Beat Pharmacy and Alessandro Crimi, for this four tracker of perfectly contrasting arrangements.

Federsen opens the proceedings with the sunset sequence of Bay Blues, cascading keys rolling through the gaps in a subtly broken drum arrangement, making for effortless and captivating listening. Beat Pharmacy contributes his first original material to the label after a brace of remixes last year. Showing true mastery of the board, chromed chord stabs are pushed and pulled around the mix in true dubwise style, drifting over a malleable bassline that packs a serious punch.

On the flip side, Tomas Rubeck  crafts a tightly woven backdrop of constantly evolving, organic atmospherics and powerful drum work for IO, and this muscular workout is perfectly contrasted by the swung grooves and kaleidoscopic synthesis of Alessandro Crimi’s Fractal Clouds, which closes the EP.

Federsen - Bay Blues

Beat Pharmacy - Elastic Dub

Thomas Rubeck - IO

Alessandro Crimi - Fractual Clouds