• V/A - Idle Hands Compilation

V/A - Idle Hands Compilation

Idle Hands

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Bristol's Idle Hands wraps up label proceedings in fine style with this mighty solid 4 tracker, featuring 'friends of the shop & label' from around town and further afield - Glances come with a swirling, bass-loaded tune called 'Swagger In Bricks', Bristol dubstep>>techno veteran Rhythmic Theory loads up the Gateau with an equally euphoric and paranoid piece of driving bassline techno, Bruce delivers a signature style warped techno trip, nicely titled 'Gary Deep's Snyder Dreams'... and last up, K-Lone intensifies the mood with a time-ticking dubbed out garage-not-garage flex.

A great record for DJ's and Dancers alike - sad to see that this is the last record on the Idle Hands label (which is currently sadly without a bricks & mortar shop as well). But we'll cherish the many memories, and the many music connections this shop & label has provided over the last decade or so - shouts to Chris Farrell & crew.


Glances - Swagger In Bricks


Rhythmic Theory - The Black Forest


Bruce - Gary Deep's Snyder Dreams


K-LONE - Sub Club