• V/A : Off Istanbul - An Introduction To The Sounds

V/A : Off Istanbul - An Introduction To The Sounds

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Named after the Turkish Music festival, 'Off Istanbul' features various artists that played at this event. A very interesting compilation with some outstanding left-field pieces of music. We are presented with truly forward thinking music, with a true sense of independence. This 12" consists of 9 different tracks, from down-beat, psychadelic beats reminding of Baba Zula, through to found-sound experiments and lo-fi punk rock, this record is diverse and determined... There are some absolutely outstanding pieces on here, worth the money alone. Highly recommended to those who like to broaden their musical spectrums and aren't afraid of the unusual. 

Daire 2: General Gramofon - Kids In Garden

Klaustro - Lung Haus

Grup Ses Beats - Islik

Bunu Sen Istedin - Sen Benimsin Ben de Senin