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V/A - Respect The Unexpected: In The Age Of Sci Fi


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Woah now, really special drop (as always but this one is a cut above even the others) from Kashual Plastik, with a whole gang of great music makers.

A various artists compilation spread over an LP & CD, housed in a screenprinted sleeve, the CD volume in a staple sealed pouch and, just in case you missed the photo, it's all housed in a metal cage fashioned from wire fencing.

Safe to say, it's a hell of a project and must have taken an age to piece together - but why you ask? - WHY THE HELL NOT - a digital download this ain't - You're looking at the embodiment of DIY culture in a record label right here, drink it in!

Ok ok, we hear you say, it looks good, what does it SOUND like pal? In short - it's even better than it looks - described by the label as 'A soundtrack homage to the 80's science fiction b-movie scene. composed by contemporary artists.' which is more than enough for us - we've been re-watching the likes of They Live and Escape From New York of late so this came at just the right time - we'll save you the track by track rundown (how long do you have? there's nearly 20 of them) and point you in the direction of the clips which are some of our favourites...

Real labour of love, this record, and it shows.

Very limited edition, and we've only got a few of them so if your collection is in need of one (it is) - hit that button.


A Side

Al Chem - The last victorian
LST - Outer limits of inner atrium
Innsyter - in spite of everything
waswaas - Aversion
Andreas O Hirsch - Steamboat Jr
Inkasso - Astralkörper

B Side

A.N.I. - Yes! sure! If you don`t mind
EEL - App Beta
Kӣr - Basamaci
TRJJ - Before planetary scale
nkls - Social hypnosis
XVARR - time is not real


Kӣr - Altro non è'l mi'amor
Jorge Velez - El Tren G
Shelter - Sympathetique F
LST - Open after minimal pealing
Hinosch - 9 comp edit
Pose Dia - Canopy
Al Chem - The other side

Innsyter - in spite of everything

waswaas - Aversion

A.N.I. - Yes! sure! If you don`t mind

TRJJ - Before planetary scale