• V/A - Sharpen, Moving sampler

V/A - Sharpen, Moving sampler


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Timedance artefact rescued from a sneaky hidden corner of our shelf and now available here (only 2 copies in stock!) for those who'd like to add it to the collection. This one's from around the 2020ish era, where things were running a little different, but it's also just a bit of a milestone in the Timedance discography, summoning a wide and talented crew that has been crafting in line with the label aesthetics.

Shouts to Batu & fam!

Kit Seymour - Lost Caller

Batu - SYX

Peter Van Hoesen - L9T

Happa - 15Three

Ploy - Snorkelling

Bruce - Longshot

Nico - Ventana

Via Maris - Lapse