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V/A - Top Ranking DJ Session - Volume 1

Joe Gibbs

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Massive collection of Joe Gibbs foundation sounds, first issued in 1979 and packed with deejay cuts from the greatest out of Kingston -

Named after Trinity's 'Top Ranking', which leads the way as the first cut on the disc, with it's thunderous, rattling snare & hi hat combination over a cool running bassline and deejay style, the compilation moves through to I-Roy's 'Trust No Shadow After Dark' (brilliant title) and on to Trinity's look at the industry with 'Commercial Business'. Shame that phased, nutty Gibbs version 'Financial Business' is not on here, but it is all about the deejay here so we understand.

Big Youth then comes through bigging up legendary boxer George Foreman and U Roy (I Roy's elder and lyrical boxing partner) steps forward with the classic Freedom Train.
The compilation moves from strength to strength with two more killer Big Youth cuts, and the sound of Shorty The President with 'Natty Pass His G.C.E.'
Finishing this fine disc, we have the ultra rare '(sounds call) Aquarius' & 'Wear You To The Ball' by Lizzy, also known as Lizzy The Boss.


A1 -Trinity - Top Ranking
A2 –I-Roy - Trust No Shadow After Dark
A3 –Trinity - Commercial Business
A4 –Big Youth - George Foreman
A5 –U-Roy - Freedom Train
B1 –Big Youth - Equal Right
B2 –Big Youth - Big Fast Car
B3 –Shortie - Natty Pass His GCE
B4 –Lizzy - Aquarius
B5 –Lizzy - Wear You To The Ball

Trinity – Top Ranking

I-Roy – Trust No Shadow After Dark

Big Youth – George Foreman

Trinity – Commercial Business