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VA - Angola Prison Spirituals (DEATH001)

Death Is Not The End

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Spiritual folk-blues-gospel music of the Lousiana State Penetentiary in Angola, circa 1950 -

What a refreshing cassette release this is, from the new Reissue label, brilliantly named 'Death Is Not The End'... perfectly suited for the cassette format, we find here, in limited edition, a release of folklorist Dr. Harry Oster's collection of recordings from Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, originally released in 1959 on the Folk-Lyric label.

"For a brief period, the American South was full of musicologists keen to record and archive the great and expansive tradition of folksong. The context of these particular recordings conveys the contrast between the stark dignity of the performers and the unpleasant circumstances through which they found their way into Angola. Here amongst them appears one of Angola's most notable blues players Robert Pete Williams, having served time for murder in the 1950's and going on to enjoy a fruitful and expansive recording career. For the most part though these voices belong to otherwise unknown inmates such as Tom Dutson, Andy Mosely, Roosevelt Charles and Robert 'Guitar' Welch."

12 tracks of deeply personal, and spritual gospel recordings of the 50's, from Lousiana... presented with printed labels and printed cassettes.

A nice piece to add to the tape collection - no doubt whatsoever!

A. Mosely, Robert Pete Williams - I'm on My Way 02:40
2.Robert Pete Williams - Church on Fire with the Word of God 03:01
3.Robert Welch - What Shall I Do 02:52
4.Angola Quartet - Brother Norah 02:50
5.Tom Dutson, Robert Pete Williams - Little School Song 01:29
6.Robert Pete Williams - Dyin' Soul 04:30
7.Roosevelt Charles - Let My People Go 03:42
8.Robert Pete Williams - So Much Is Happenin' at the News 04:14
9.Tom Dutson, R.P. Williams - Dig My Grave with a Silver Spade 03:46
10.Andy Mosely, Hogman Maxey - Brother Mosely Crossed the Water 01:27
11.Angola Quartet - I'm Stranded on the Banks of Ole Jordan 01:55
12.Robert Pete Williams - I'm Going Back with Him When He Comes 03:00
13.Congregation Rev. Benjamin E. Osbourne - That Old Ship of Zion

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