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VA - From Northern Italy On Our Way To Social Collapse

Haunter Records

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Grim scenes from Northern Italy's top degree of electronic artists -

The second tape from the Milan-based D.I.Y. label, served up on a pitch black C40 cassette with black and white printed insert, we find a collaborative effort from various producers from the extended Haunter Records base.

As with the rest of the label's output, it's finely presented and curated item, perfect cassette music, deliberated and carefully prepared for the listeners enjoyment.

Check their description and motives behind the project:

"Its purpose is to document the sound of what’s currently haunting Italy. The featured tracks have been produced by a bunch of young up and coming artists, all of them based in northern Italy and sharing the same radical mindset with dark, tribal overtones and a post-modern sense of critical aesthetics. Haunter’s mission is to give those artists a voice and provide with a context where these italian-born soundmakers can estabilish themeselves in conversation with the whole european electronic scene.
We are experiencing a state of utter rage and deep frustration, and the music we make can not avoid portraiting the motionless, suffocating environment we’ve found ourselves in.
Our response is a strong repurposing of the dark energies we’re being fed, in the hope of channeling the chaos into productivity.
We’re set to utilize the most revolutionary lessons of modern electronics to shape our own form of pop music, embracing the input overload of contemporary culture into a new form of growth.
Each of the artists has its own sound, from the astral meditation of 'Morkeblå' to the gloomy ritualism of 'Heith & Petit Singe', the “distant rave” sound of 'Cage Suburbia', the abysmal groove of Opal Tapes-alumnus 'OOBE', the terrorist assault of 'Sense Fracture' and the cavernous dub-techno of 'Nubilim'."

Only a handful of these artefacts left, sold out everywhere else... be prompt if you want one.

Mastered by Antonio Galluci.

Limited to 100.

Cage Suburbia - OB 01
Morkeblå - The Veiled Hermit
Nubilum - Nonevent
Sense Fracture - Communicato#8
Heith/Petit Singe - Shogun


Morkebla - The Veiled Hermit

Nubilum - nonevent

Sense Fracture - Comunicato #8