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VA: Half Moon - Glory, Dominion, Majesty, Power


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Stunning double-pack roots compilation served via PK! -

If you talk about treats - you're talking about this.
This is a true gem of a reissue compilation - from the music to the presentation... Top stuff.

Unearthing some of the most thunderous, rootical cuts from the Half Moon imprint, which played host to some of the most revered productions from Joe Higgs to Augustus Pablo, from Ossie to Osbourne...

It's all killer, absolutely no filler on these discs - from the storming first track right through to the last.
This is late 70's early 80's roots music as deadly and crucial as it comes.

Adequately packaged, the music comes served in a truly beautiful silk-screenprinted sleeve, thick red and blacks making up a very striking design.

If you're looking for quality, look no further.

Remastered by Moritz Von Oswald.
Sleeve design by Will Bankhead.

Joe Higgs - Creation
Stranger Cole - Freedom, Justice & Equality
Super 8 Corporation – Freedom Version
Louis O'Connor - Lonely & Black
Pluggy Satchmo - What Rasta Say
Stranger Cole & Jah Levy - I'm Living
Dill Smith - Set Me Free
Super 8 Corporation - Free Version
Rothadam - Sampson
OJ - Things Felt Right
The Blenders - Why Did You Run Away?
Johnny Osbourne - Danger In Your Eyes
Bingi Kicks & G. Campbell - Black Society
Leroy Sibbles & Otravis Band - Sky Jack
Bongo Ossie & Moonlights - The Sky Jacking Version
Pluggy Satchmo - 23rd Psalm
Carl Dawkins - Luv Is Needed

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