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VA - Hyperdub 10.1 - 2 x 12


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10th year anniversary 2 x 12" from one of the UK's finest purveyors of new dance music -

Featuring a vast selection of cuts from USA to the UK, this double disc, as part of the 10th anniversary of Kode9's Hyperdub label, features a wide range of original, forward dance music.
Be it the Juke / Footwork mutations of DJ Rashad, Taso, Djunya or DJ Earl and DJ Spinn, or the new-wave UK Funky of Champion or electroid 'floor music of Quarta 330 and Ikonika - across the four sides, we find a deliberately unhinged, yet fully focused range of dancefloor music, in the guise of many forms, rhythms and tempo's.

Just listen to the clips and make up your mind, but we'd say this is another great representation of the Hyperdub label's vast palette and taste, and a good all-round taste of the hyperdub sound that's moving dancefloors across the globe right now, or soon to be.

A very solid compilation, cut loud and clear, presented stylishly.

Disc 1:
A1:DJ Rashad & Gant-Man - Acid Life
A2:Taso & Djunya - Only The Strong Will Survive
B1:Dj Spinn - All My Teklife
B2:Dj Earl - Bombaklot, feat. Dj Rashad & Dj Taye

Disc 2:
C1:Dj Earl - I'm Gonna Get You
C2:Dj Taye - Get Em Up
C3:Heavee - Icemaster
D1:Quarta 330 - Hanabi
D2:Champion - Power Cut
D3:Ikonika - Tug Zone

DJ Rashad & Gant-Man - Acid Life / Taso & Djunya - Only The Strong Will Survive

Dj Spinn - All My Teklife / Dj Earl - Bombaklot, feat. Dj Rashad & Dj Taye

Dj Earl - I'm Gonna Get You / Dj Taye - Get Em Up / Heavee - Icemaster

Quarta 330 - Hanabi / Champion - Power Cut / Ikonika - Tug Zone