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VA - Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4


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Jahtari in full effect! -

The boss of the digital dancehall continuum strikes again, with the fourth instalment in the Jahtarian Dubbers series...

Reinforcing old-time favourites and label-affiliates such as Disrupt, Rootah and the combo-styles of the Jahtari Riddim Force on rhythm duties alongside vocalists such as Nigerian-born El Fata, French badman Pupa Jim and Dancehall veteran Jah Screechy, this 12 track compilation covers all five continents of the globe, with guest appearances from Shanghai's Chacha, OZ's Monkey Marc, SA's 7ft Soundsystem and many more...

Musically, this disc just flows perfectly... raw version excursions of classic and original rhythms shot through the Jahtari transformation module, inna 2045 stylee.

It's a great piece of  vinyl, a must for any Jahtari fan or anyone interested in riddim culture - undeniably good stuff.

Monkey Marc - Danger Earth
Pupajim - Nobody Can Stop We (Dub At The Pub Dubplate)
earlyW~orm - The Dub Deal
7ft Soundsystem feat. Mentor Irie - Shut Ya Mouth
El Fata - Good Foundation
disrupt - Chrono Trigger
Jah Screechy - Love We A Deal With
Jahtari Riddim Force - Total Protonic Reversal
Chacha - Black Eyes Stranger
Diggory Kenrick - Stranger Flutes
Rootah - Dancing Chords
Mungo's Hifi feat. Shanti D - Know Your Roots

Monkey Marc / Pupajim / earlyW~orm

7ft Soundsystem feat. Mentor Irie / El Fata / Disrupt

Jah Screechy / Jahtari Riddim Force / Chacha

Diggory Kenrick / Rootah / Mungo's Hifi feat. Shanti D