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Laura Lies In

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Mind melting assembly of tracks exploring rhythmic and sonic textures from the exellent Laura Lies In label - 7 tracks on one slab of wax with no less than two art booklets inside - proper workout for your stereo and eyes this one.

A celebration of the ever expanding and evolving label family. LLI008 comprises of an LP, a 50 odd page booklet (+ 8 page photobook & insert), further digital tracks and some web based stuff contributed by friends new and old from far and wide.

Booklet contains contributions by Patrick Benjamin, Izzy Bolt, Daniel Breuer, Martyn Brown, Cloé Brunerie, Eben Bull, Ju Canon, Charlie Case, Sophie Chapman + Kerri Jefferis, Rupert Clervaux, Rachel Connolly, Coline Cornélis, Leah Ellis, Disciples, Mireya Heider de Jahnsen, Fielding Hope, Kim Kahan, Hannah Marine, Jay Massey, Ragnhild May, Claudine Roux + Rosie Scott, Gil Shani, Prue Singh and Romy St John.

Full tracklist -

1.Simon Benjamin - Vera Boila 04:12
2.Conal Blake - Group Loop 04:30
3.DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess - Of Course, Why Do You Ask? 07:41
4.James Marrs - Image May Contain feat. Ju Canon 06:58
5.Tony Njoku - The Ghost That Escaped (Rework) 03:07
6.Vanessa - Test 04:13
7.Astrid Sonne - Strong, Calm, Slow (Original Version) 07:18

Simon Benjamin - Vera Boila

DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess - Of Course, Why Do You Ask?

Tony Njoku - The Ghost That Escaped (Rework)

Vanessa - Test