VA - Sharpen, Moving Sampler (12" Timedance)


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Big next-gen flexing, versatile 12" four tracker from the new Timedance compilation 'Sharpen, Moving' - four select cuts with Metrist, Mang & GRAŃ, Cleyra and Akiko Haruna at the controls >>

Killer moves once again from Timedance, putting forward hi-tek dance music and soundsystem experiments in fine style, with this big compilation being the next step in the 5 year strong label, ran by our dear friend Batu -

This 12" collects four sharp cuts from some of the crew, pressed up on a 12" and ready to spin on the turntable, ideally in the mix & blend, for some fun with the DJ tekkers - we can't be getting rusty on the decks now!

Long term collaborator Metrist is on board once again, with a vox-chop stepper in bump & grind style, a real nice continuation from his killer latest solo 12"s for the label.
Adding to the volume, Timedance enlist Mang & GRAŃ to represent the Chinese club avant-garde, with an emotionally charged hi-tek industrial stepper to serenade the apocalypse with.
Bristol's Cleyra showcases her deft off-kilter rhythmic styles and icey frequency responses with a real pacy piece of 2k21 junglism, and Akiko Haruna brings the cyberpunk bounce with 'Die And Retry' - proper future proof gear, on all of these actually - what we're dealing with here, are four highly individual head-melters that will come in to deadly effect when played at the correct volume (loud please!).

>> Artwork by Harry Butt.
Mastered and cut by Beau Thomas.

A1. Metrist - Total Paper
A2. Mang & GRAŃ - Live4evr
B1. Cleyra - Shafted
B2. Akiko Haruna - Die and Retry

Metrist - Total Paper

Mang & GRAŃ - Live4evr

Cleyra - Shafted

Akiko Haruna - Die and Retry