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Bristol Reggae Archive dig deep in the roots of Bristol -

The label that has proven it's expertise on unearthing Bristol related reggae music (The excellent 'Brixton Rec' LP from Dubkasm, or Talisman's 'Dole Age' for example) comes forward once more, this time delivering the counterpart to their 'Reggae Archive Records' issue of West Midlands roots from around the late 70's / early 80's.

Spread across the disc, we have a nice insight into the history of Bristol's answer to jamaican soundsystem culture...
Check the words from the label themselves:

"The new LP naturally draws heavily on the first two Bristol Reggae Explosions, featuring firm favourites such as Joshua Moses' all time classic “Africa (Is Our Land)” produced by the great Dennis Bovell, Bunny Marrett's rare and almost impossible to find on the original 12” “Times Are Getting Harder” and Ron Green's 3D Productions “Riot”, another track that's very difficult to find on its original 7” format.

Local legends Talisman contribute the 7” mix of their excellent “Dole Age” single and make a second appearance, in their earlier Revelation Rockers guise with “Culture”. Having reformed around the time our first Bristol Reggae Explosion was released, it's good to see that Talisman are also still going strong and making regular live appearances throughout Europe. With the core members of Restriction also being members of Zion Band, we have another double with “Calling For Mercy” and “Twelve Tribes”. It's been a long time coming, but Restriction fans can rest assured their planned compilation album is still on its way.

The remaining two tracks mark the debut appearances for Big Roy and the Rhythmites. Roy 'Big Roy' Bailey has been involved in reggae music for decades and is still active to this day; he was also one of the first Bristol reggae artists to document his talents in the studio with this track “Ethiopia Revelation” dating from the mid-seventies. It's great to welcome Roy to the fold. Bath band The Rhythmites saw a welcome reissue of their “Integration” album earlier this year, it's excellent to add them to our compilation series and also to give the excellent “Nation Integration” a vinyl outing.

Compiling this album along with recompiling the first two volumes of “The Bristol Reggae Explosion”, we also looked at updating the sleeves and tweaking our approach to graphics. The vintage cover shot we chose was provided by the ever supportive Popsy Curious and shows him on his bike outside what were the remains of Bristol's famous Bamboo Club. It was with great sadness that we recently learned that Popsy had passed away. He was a true friend and supporter who will be greatly missed and it's somehow a fitting tribute that he adorns the cover of this release.

“The Bristol Roots Explosion” is exactly what the title says, a record that documents the West Country take on roots reggae from the second half of the 1970s until the end of the 1980s."

Wether you're a Bristolian or not, this is a righteous reggae artefact for all lovers or roots music!

Served in a tasty b&w sleeve, with red sticker on the shrinkwrap.

Side A:
1. Big Roy - Ethiopia Revelation
2. Revelation Rockers - Culture
3. Joshua Moses - Africa (Is Our Land)
4. Bunny Marrett - Times Are Getting Harder
5. 3D Production - Riot
Side B:
6. Rhythmites - Nation Integration
7. Restriction - Calling For Mercy
8. Zion Band - Twelve Tribes
9. Talisman - Dole Age (7" Mix)

Big Roy - Ethiopia Revelation

Revelation Rockers - Culture

3D Productions - Riot

Talisman - Dole Age