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VA - Y'a Pas Moyen / Po Lusi

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Vital issues from West Africa, via Rocafort Records -

"During the twentieth century, the atlantic side of Africa transforms itself into a laboratory of musical experimentation. The rivers, beginning with the mighty Congo, offer new ways of cultural penetration. Easily accessible, inexpensive and durable, the 7-inch single becomes the format of preference across the continent as the 1960s unfold and outside influences fuse with rich African traditions. The single becomes the calling card for many African artists.

Side A: Y'a pas moyen, an afrobeat track with seductive vocal ellipses and swirling, rhythmic forms. This elastic voice is one of the most exciting to come out of Benin, embodying instant modernity.

Side B : Sharp as a razor and powerful as a tidal wave, this track is one of Benin's most extraordinary productions of the decade. A wild, vibrant groove where organ and drums merge like an earthquake with a power rarely heard on the continent. Po lusi evokes the best of what we call Afro-funk which can be simply described as pure African rhythm."

A lovely disc, both sides full of life, a welcome change from the comparatively bleak western electronic sounds of this day and age.
Add this to your summer-fun program or wintertime anti-depression prescription for maximum effect.

7" / 45 served in brown paper sleeve, with nice-lookin' centre label designs too.

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De L'Atlantique Cotonou Dahomey - Y'a Pas Moyen

Nkwitchoua - Po Lusi