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Wicked EBM slash industrial dub thunder from Autumns, alongside Broken English Club - together as Vacant Heads, served up on the Touch Sensitive label, out of Belfast.

One psychedelic, (near 10min) dangerously low slung dub trip (this one might be our favourite - but maybe that's just because it's the odd-one-out on this disc), and three wickedly sludgy, sleazy and just fierce, EBM style rhythms from two great minds - Autumns, out of Ireland, who has been knocking out some proper dub heavy industrial belters in recent time, and Broken English Club, aka Oliver Ho - responsible for countless big records since debuting on Blueprint in 1996 (and continuing under various guises on labels such as Downwards, Meta, and L.I.E.S. over the years).

Vacant Heads self titled debut (pretty sure!) comes served up in very limited edition on wax via the excellent Touch Sensitive label. Also make sure to check the other Autums outings on the label - we have a couple last copies here). 

1st pressing limited to 100 copies.
12inch vinyl house in wraparound sleeve designed by Rinky. Artwork by Damo Scrawls.
4 tracks / 25 minutes.

Crawling Up The Pisser

Heavy Rain Dub

Street Toucher

Swan Dive